There’s a Castillian saying … «with bread and wine, you can do The Way». Every pilgrim, on his way to Santiago, after passing Estella, they arrive to Ayegui, where it is found one of the first Hospitals of The Way, located at Monastery of Irache.  This Monastery, erected on XI. Century, has a fountain with two pipes; from one you can drink water, from the other one, wine.


Anyway, this fountain is quite new. Jesús Santesteban Arteaga, owner of Irache Winery, built it in 1991.

This fountain of Irache, called also «Wine Fountain», that invites to the pilgrim to have a rest drinking some wine, has two texts written on it:


   Si quieres llegar a Santiago

   con fuerza y vitalidad

   de este gran vino echa un trago

   y brinda por la Felicidad”.


Second one, invites to drink with control…

A beber sin abusar

   te invitamos con agrado.

   Para poderlo llevar,

   el vino ha de ser comprado”.

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