Our website is in Spanish, because our regular tours in Pamplona and Navarra are offered in this language; however, we have bilingual guides ready to offer you the best of Pamplona, Navarra, Rioja and Basque Country.

However, as it is impossible to create a group in English, our services are offered in a private way. Doing this way, you will have a guide for you and your party, explaining everything you need, driving you to every corner of our land… and you will manage the times and stops.

So, send us an email to info@tripnavarra.com giving us some details such as number of people, dates, and what you want to visit….and we will create your customized tour.

Once said this, get ready, because along this web, we will give you some ideas of pre-canned tours to make it easy to you to choose what to visit (or skip) and also about some interesting destinations.

Feel free to send us an email to info@tripnavarra.com asking for more information about whatever you need, asking about mixing destinations, about a customized tour… These tours we offer below are just ideas, let’s create YOUR tour.

Guided Tour in Pamplona

We offer you a fascinating 2-3 hour guided visit to Pamplona, in which we will visit all the main attractions in Pamplona’s Old Town.

Visita guiada Pamplona

Ayuntamiento de Pamplona, lo visitamos en nuestra visita guiada en Pamplona

The main square (Plaza del Castillo), visiting the Café Iruña where Hemingway spent many hours during his visits to Pamplona, the Fueros Monument, the City Hall plus the Three Old Neighbourhoods of the city, . . . We will walk through the streets where Pilgrims walk since 9th century towards Santiago de Compostela following «The Way of St James», and also where the Running of the Bulls is held every year, and of course, we will finish our tour in the Bullring. After the tour, I can direct you to some of the best bars to taste the local wines and «pintxos».

You will finish this tour loving Pamplona!!

Medieval Private Tour in Navarre: Castles and Monasteries

Ujué, Olite, Castle of Javier & Monastery of Leyre

This a possible full day tour, starting at 9am, and being back in Pamplona at 8pm. Take in count, that we can do them separately, just in a half day tour.

Our first stop will be Ujue church-fortress, one of the most important and impressive fortification of Navarre. I will introduce you to its history and the importance of its location in the Kingdom of Navarra, its amazing views covering most of the former Kingdom.

Then we go to Olite. In this beautiful village of Navarre, we will walk along its streets; we will enjoy its Santa María la Real Façade; the architecture of its old Palace, and we will enter into the famous Royal Palace of Olite to visit it.

Castillo de JavierAfter lunch we will go to the Castle of Javier, where St Francis Xabier was born in 1506. He is the patron saint of Navarraa and Asia. First Western person who entered into Japan, and one of the co-founders of Jesuits’ order.

We will end at Monastery of Leyre, known to have been built before the 9th Century. Many of the Kings of Navarre are buried here, good proof of the importance of this place in the History of Navarra. At 7pm, monks sing their gregorian chants. Ready for that?

Natural Wonders of Navarra

Urederra river & Bardenas Reales Natural Park

If you like nature… this is your tour! Join us on a full day trip to visit two natural wonders in Navarra. However, take in count, that we can do them separately, just in a half day tour.

After beeing picked up from your accomodation, we will travel to Urbasa Natural Park, where we will do a little stop to enjoy a stunning view over the Urederra Fountainhead. This viewpoint called Obaba, but known as Balcony of Pilatos, will offer us the opportunity of enjoying the flight of some vultures, and enjoy an outstanding view.

After a little driving journey, we will get to Bakedano, from where we will start our trek to enjoy the area of Urederra Fountainhead. This hike will last around 3 hours in total, enough time to enjoy the view of its pools of water, and of course, the beautiful beech-tree forest.

Bardenas Reales
After lunch, we will do a driving tour across Bardenas Reales Natural Park, where we will get an idea of its dimmensions and how special it is. We will enjoy of several stops where you will learn about this land, its history, and its geological formations.

Other places to visit in Navarra

The ones offered above are our best seller tours, however, there are many other attractions in Navarra for example:

Selva de IratiIrati Forest: Second largest beech-tree forest of Europe after the Black Forest in Germany. There we can do walkings from 40 minutes to several hours, up to you.

Ochagavía: a picturesque village in our mountains, known as one of the most beautiful villages of Navarra. Good choice to visit in combination with Irati Forest.

RoncesvallesRoncesvalles and The Way. Roncesvalles is not far away from Irati Forest, and is a monastery where pilgrims have found accommodation in their way to St James since 12th century. We can visit the village, or you can even to the Way of St James. Ask us for help with that!

Valle del BaztánBaztan Valley. One of our greenest valleys. Traditional life, traditional architecture, traditional jobs,… if you want to see green hills, this is your place. We can visit the valley, with some other spots in that area such as Zugarramurdi, Amaiur,…

Cave of Zugarramurdi. This village is known overall, for its witches. In 1610, the Inquisition took to jail many of its inhabitants, happening then the biggest witch-hunting of Spain’s history. Will there be still witches around?



Visita bodegas. WineryVisit to a Winery. If you like wine, here you will find a wide range of wines. Typical wine in Navarra was Rosé, but nowadays, we produce good wines. In addition, we are next to Rioja. So, we offer you to visit wineries, depending on which ones you prefer, or even doing that in addition to any other of our stops; por example, a typical tour is to visit Olite Royal Palace, and a winery… What do you think?


Running of the Bulls, PamplonaRunning of the bulls. Are you interested in visiting Pamplona during the Running of the Bulls Festival? Contact us. We can help you, not only with a guided tour, but also to find a balcony to see the bullrun, and with every thing you may need. Come to enjoy the Best Festival of the world with us.





Anything else? Send us an email to info@tripnavarra.com … and let’s talk!

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Foz de Lumbier

Foz de Lumbier

Nacedero del Urederra

Nacedero del Urederra

Castillo de Javier

Castillo de Javier

Castillo de Olite

Castillo de Olite




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Puente la Reina

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