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Zugarramurdi, el pueblo de las Brujas

Zugarramurdi y sus brujas. Pero, ¿eran realmente brujas? ¿Qué pasó?

Un pueblito de 200 habitantes, del que todo el mundo ha oido hablar. Te invitamos a que veas este video de Comando Actualidad en TVE sobre Zugarramurdi, a ver si así te animas y vienes a visitar la cueva de las brujas con nosotros.

Witches’ Night

The arrival (theoretical) of the Summer in Navarre is celebrated with bonfires and festivities in almost all villages of Navarre. In Torralba River is realized the capture of “John Wolf”, legendary medieval outlaw, and the brothers of San Juan interpret the Dance of the raft.

In the caves of Zugarramurdi, Saturday night closest to San Juan is celebrated an Akelarre, party where the witches dance with the music of txalaparta, till zanpantzars appear ringing their bells to drive them away.

Amaiur/Maya, last Resistence castle of Navarra

They resisted the attack from 15 to July 22, 1522, but surrendered after the raiders flew with explosives part of the enclosure. The same August 12th was ordered to destroy the fortress, following the instructions of Cardinal Cisneros, whose strategy of topping and destroy castles to prevent future transgressions are summarized in the phrase: “No Castles in Navarra no lift up head man.” In 1582, the viceroy authorized the sale of the stone from the demolition. The July 30, 1922 opened a monolith in the place where stood the castle, which was blown up with dynamite in 1931 and rebuilt in 1982.