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Did you know… Running of the bulls!!

Running of the bulls… one of the most famous parties and events in the world. In 8 days, we will be able to enjoy them again, but… do you know some interesting data about them??

For example, the fencing. It surges for the first time in 1776 to delineate the trail closure and constitutes the most important safety barrier. It is made ​​of pinewood and consists of 1,800 tablones, 40 gates, 590 maderos, 200 empalizadas, 2,400 falcas and 2,000 screws. Each year by the reponen 20 tablones failures.

The running of the bulls… in numbers.

Longitude: 848.6 meters. Santo Domingo, Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Merchants, Estafeta and Plaza de Toros.

Duration: 3 m 55 s

Bull speed: 24 km / h

The longest running of the bulls: 30 minutes (11 de julio de 1959). A Miura bull stayed behind and a dog was necessary to call to the bull and so, lead him to the bull ring.

The most tragic running of the bulls: 10 de julio de 1947, “Semillero” (Urquijo) and 13 de julio de 1980 ‘Antioquío’ (Guardiola), respectively, killed two runners each.

Number of runners: 2,000 a normal day, and around 3,500 a weekend day.

Most dangerous ganadería: Guardiola Fantoni. A died in 1969 and two in 1980.

Number of injuries each year: Between 200 and 300. Only 3% of gravity.

Witches’ Night

The arrival (theoretical) of the Summer in Navarre is celebrated with bonfires and festivities in almost all villages of Navarre. In Torralba River is realized the capture of “John Wolf”, legendary medieval outlaw, and the brothers of San Juan interpret the Dance of the raft.

In the caves of Zugarramurdi, Saturday night closest to San Juan is celebrated an Akelarre, party where the witches dance with the music of txalaparta, till zanpantzars appear ringing their bells to drive them away.

Pamplona city with the highest quality of life in Spain

A study by the OCU, report that Pamplona has the highest quality of life in Spain.

The OCU uses the criterion “live well” in terms of the greatest concern to citizens. First there is the labor factor: you have work. The health care, facilities to move (transport, traffic, etc..) And other educational offerings are the most important factors. The house is no longer one of the main subjects, while the quality of educational provision has moved from seventh to fourth.


Cherry day in Milagro

Milagro is one of the biggest producers of Cherries in Spain. For this reason, the weekend of 15 and 16 June, Milagro will celebrate a festival dedicated to the cherry. Around 400.000 kgs of Cherries are collected annually and to remember and commemorate the long history and culture of this town, Milago has organized numerous sporting events, competitions, craft fairs and, of course, exquisite tastings of the red fruit.