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Turismo en Navarra // Tourism in Navarre

Hoy te ofrecemos la oportunidad de disfrutar de 12 vídeos promocionales sobre Navarra editados por el Departamento de Turismo en Navarra. En ellos verás que bonita y hermosa es esta tierra, y así de paso, te animarás a reservar unos días de tus vacaciones para visitar Navarra. Te estamos esperando con nuestras excursiones en Navarra.

Today, we offer the opportunity of enjoying 12 video-clips about Navarre. There you will be able to see how beautiful this land is, and by the way, mark on your calendar some days to visit it.  We wait for you!

Enjoy them!

Carnaval in Navarra

Every year, Carnaval is celebrated in some villages of Navarra, as Ituren and Zubieta.

On Monday 27, Zanpantzar will dance along Ituren streets, and tomorrow Tuesday, they will do it in another village, Zubieta.

Zanpantzar is a word to call a group of Ioaldunak (people with cowbells in their back), and it’s formed by locals from both village, dancing at the same rhythm all together along the streets; dressed in sandals, lace petticoats, fur coats sheep by waist and shoulders, neck bandanas, conical hats with ribbons, and swab horsehair in their right hand.