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Selva de Irati

Nuestro guía Javier, con su grupo, disfrutando de un soleado día en la Selva de #Irati, donde tras un paseo visitaron lugares tan hermosos como Ochagavía, Foz de Arbayún, Foz de Lumbier y Monasterio de Leyre.

Our guide Javier, with his group, enjoying Irati Forest during a sunny day. After this stop, they visited other lovely places in Navarra like Ochagavía, Arbayun Gorge, Lumbier Gorge and finished their tour in Navarra visiting Monastery of Leyre.

Orhipean, this weekend in Ochagavía

This festival recreates a day of the daily life of early century in Ochagavía, where with a fully acclimated  town as the setting and with the participation of its neighbors properly characterized of that time, they develop different tasks and traditional activities.

The involvement of residents in the preparation of the party is very important but it is even more crucial their participation in it. It’s hard to cover everything you see in Ochagavía, since each neighbor works as a character and therefore turns his own view of those years with her ​​outfit, the ambience of your home and the way they act. Not only are characters engaged in farm work, but we can see the figure of the doctor, teacher, unaiak (cowherd) …