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Did you know… Running of the bulls!!

Running of the bulls… one of the most famous parties and events in the world. In 8 days, we will be able to enjoy them again, but… do you know some interesting data about them??

For example, the fencing. It surges for the first time in 1776 to delineate the trail closure and constitutes the most important safety barrier. It is made ​​of pinewood and consists of 1,800 tablones, 40 gates, 590 maderos, 200 empalizadas, 2,400 falcas and 2,000 screws. Each year by the reponen 20 tablones failures.

The running of the bulls… in numbers.

Longitude: 848.6 meters. Santo Domingo, Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Merchants, Estafeta and Plaza de Toros.

Duration: 3 m 55 s

Bull speed: 24 km / h

The longest running of the bulls: 30 minutes (11 de julio de 1959). A Miura bull stayed behind and a dog was necessary to call to the bull and so, lead him to the bull ring.

The most tragic running of the bulls: 10 de julio de 1947, “Semillero” (Urquijo) and 13 de julio de 1980 ‘Antioquío’ (Guardiola), respectively, killed two runners each.

Number of runners: 2,000 a normal day, and around 3,500 a weekend day.

Most dangerous ganadería: Guardiola Fantoni. A died in 1969 and two in 1980.

Number of injuries each year: Between 200 and 300. Only 3% of gravity.

Getting ready for the Running of the Bulls

Already in June, and although the weather doesn´t help us to realize we are almost in summer, it is just a month for the festival of San Fermin.

That’s why, that on Monday June 3, begins assembling the 900 posts and 12,700 fence planks that make up the closure of the running of the bulls during the world famous San Fermin Festival.

Traces of Hemingway in Pamplona Today

Hemingway made famous the encierro—Spanish for Running of the Bulls—when he fell in love with Pamplona, beginning in 1923. He painted a colorful portrait of the wine- and absinthe-fueled festivities in The Sun Also Rises, his first novel,which was published in 1926.

Read more about this, in a very interesting article writed by Kate Silver, at

San Fermin 2013

The poster entitled “Canan”, by Pamplona architect Elixabete Bordonaba, will be the poster for San Fermin 2013. The winning piece represents the plane of Pamplona in black over red, with some white lines, where the river Arga simulates the bull’s horns, and some of the streets, the head of the bull.

It is the first woman to win the popular vote of the International Competition of San Fermin posters, held for six years. His work has received 36% of the total of 4,964 votes cast by citizens registered in Pamplona, you could choose your favorite from March 10 until Monday April 29. The author of the work will win 3,600 euros which was reduced by the City Council two years ago, when it was 4,200 euros.


The winning poster, which has been exposed in the courtyard of the Palace of the Constable during the voting period along with the other seven finalists, will be visible from the June 8 Count Rodezno the room. From that day until July 14, the eight posters and 92 selected by the jury will be on show every year presents the best works submitted to the contest.

San Fermin 2013

A jury has selected eight posters from the 451 presented, and now the locals will select one from those to be the official poster for San Fermin Festival 2013.

The eight works will be shown at the in the Palace of the Constable, from Wednesday, so that persons enumerated in Pamplona will be able to choose between them to represent the sanfermines 2013.