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Looking for a guide in Pamplona / Navarre / Basque Country / Rioja ?

Tours and guided visits in Pamplona, Navarra, Rioja and Basque Country

TripNavarra Tours & Guided Visits is a Pamplona based company offering different tourist services to our visitors.

Not only during Running of the Bulls Festival in Pamplona, but for over the rest of the year, we offer tours and Guided visits in al the Northern Area of Spain.

We offer visit to Rioja wineries (from Pamplona, San Sebastián, Bilbao, Logroño…) and visit to other many spots.

Of course, we can also help you during Running of the bulls Festival. We will not run with you but we can provide you a balcony to enjoy this amazing event; and of course, we can give you a city tour to show you all the magic of this festival.

If you are looking for a guide in Pamplona, Navarra, Rioja or Basque Country… here we are. Send us an email letting us know what you look for, what you want to visit and when, and we will créate a customize tour for you, trying to give you our best and the best of Pamplona and surrounding área.


Local guide in Pamplona

Local guide in Rioja, Basque Country & Navarra

Local guide during Running of the Blls Festival – Pamplona

Bodega Rioja desde Pamplona / Rioja Wine from Pamplona

¿Quieres aprovechar a disfrutar de buenos vinos mientras visitas Navarra?
Te ofrecemos visitar vinos y bodegas en Navarra y en Rioja.

Ayer, nos fuimos a Rioja, y pudimos disfrutar de sus caldos, sus gentes y varias de sus bodegas. Por no hablar de un vino del año 1989 que nos dieron a catar…

¿Te apetece venir con nosotros a pasar un día en la Rioja durante tu estancia en Pamplona?

You might be thinking in visiting Navarra and Pamplona, perhaps during Running of the Bulls… or out of these busy dates.

And perhaps, during your days here, you would like to visit some good wineries. We offer you different options to visit wineries in Navarra, or if you prefer, the world known Rioja wines.

In a day trip, as the one we did yesterday, you will be able to enjoy the landscapes, the wineyards of Rioja wine, and overall, its people and its wines. We will visit some wineries where you will be able to chat directly with the producers, sharing wines with them, and if you like to, buy some very good wines from them, some Rioja Wines that you will not be able to buy out of their wineries.

Contact us for more information about our tours to visit wineries in Rioja from Pamplona, during Running of the Bulls… or out of these days; because the wine is ALWAYS GOOD!!!

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