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Bardenas Reales Natural Park, a Moonscape in Navarre

It might look like a moonscape, taken from another planet… But not, it is located in Navarre, very close to Pamplona.

Among all the beautiful landscapes of Navarre, with a huge diversity, we have a unique place in Western Europe, Bardenas Reales Natural Park.

Do you want to visit it with us?

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Guided visit to Pamplona

Have you ever heard about Pamplona? It is famous for The Way to St James, for its Running of the Bulls made famous by Ernest Hemingway… But it has far more to offer you.

Would you like to know one of the coziest cities of Spain? We want to make you fall in love with this lovely city.

The Running of the Bulls, the main squares and monuments, some of the most impresive buildings of the city… you will visit this and more in our guided tours in Pamplona.

A 2 hours walking tour, with a guide who will make his best to offer you a funny time while you learn about our local history.

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Qué hacer en Pamplona este sábado?

Pensando sobre qué hacer o qué visitar en Pamplona o en Navarra?

Si no tienes plan para este Sábado día 7 o nos estás visitando como turista y quieres disfrutar de un día lleno de actividades, este sábado se celebra en el centro de Pamplona (Navarra) por sexta vez, el Barrio de los Artistas, con un centenar de actividades, gratuitas y públicas; como exhibiciones, conciertos, espectáculos de clown… que se repartirán por todo el casco viejo de la ciudad.

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If you plan to visit Pamplona or Navarra this weekend, and you are looking for activities to enjoy in the city, you are lucky. This saturday there is a festival in the old town that will fill the old city of Pamplona with many activities and exhibitions.
Come and enjoy Pamplona and Navarra.

Sept. 22nd, Cider day in Lekunberri

There will be a craft and food fair with a varied range. Also begin to uncork the bottles for tasting cider.
At noon there will be a demonstration of kirikoketa, a playful way to do the hard work of crushed apple.  Once broken the apple hitting by a club, will be passed to the press. Although cider juice must stay for 3 or 4 months for fermentation, tomorrow you can taste this apple juice.

On the other hand, in the morning can be seen over a dozen apple varieties Navarra and Gipuzkoa.

Orhipean, this weekend in Ochagavía

This festival recreates a day of the daily life of early century in Ochagavía, where with a fully acclimated  town as the setting and with the participation of its neighbors properly characterized of that time, they develop different tasks and traditional activities.

The involvement of residents in the preparation of the party is very important but it is even more crucial their participation in it. It’s hard to cover everything you see in Ochagavía, since each neighbor works as a character and therefore turns his own view of those years with her ​​outfit, the ambience of your home and the way they act. Not only are characters engaged in farm work, but we can see the figure of the doctor, teacher, unaiak (cowherd) …