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Guided tours of the walls of Pamplona

“Medieval Pamplona” is one of the proposals of the City that starts today at 19.30 hours with a tour of the boroughs.

A little later, at 20.00 hours, begins the visit “Pamplona in the light of the moon, ‘” that part of the Fort of San Bartolomé and runs Barbazana Round, the Portal of France, the Royal Palace and environment City Hall, ending at the Church of San Saturnino and the Plaza del Castillo.

Number of foreigners enjoying Rural tourism in Navarra has increased by 60% last year

The number of foreigners staying in cottages of Navarra has increased by 60% last year, reaching 13,310, a total of 102,392 tourists in this type of establishment. Note that this rural subsector hosts 9.4% of all travelers staying in Navarra.

Currently, there are 750 houses in Navarre, which have 5350 seats (547 in the north, 56 in Pamplona and Shire; 77, Estella, 44, in the middle, and 32, in the West Bank). By type, 146 rooms and 604 are rental housing complete. In terms of quality (leaves), are of a sheet 213, 501, two sheets, and 36 of three sheets. Note that in ten years (since 2003), the number of houses has increased by 4.5% and by 45.7% seats (in 2003, 519 houses and 3,060 seats).

Cyclists will go Javier, with helmet and less than 45 km / h

Before the celebration, on Saturday March 16, the second Javierada, the Government of Navarra reminds cyclists must wear a regulation helmet and can not in any case exceed 45 kilometers per hour.

They should also indicate their maneuvers, observe road signs and follow traffic rules, such as preventing mobile phone use while driving or riding in prohibiting alcohol effects.

The Government of Navarra also recommended that riders not using headphones while driving and to review the status of their bikes before starting off, paying particular attention to the tires and brakes. Seguir leyendo Cyclists will go Javier, with helmet and less than 45 km / h