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Looking for a guide in Pamplona / Navarre / Basque Country / Rioja ?

Tours and guided visits in Pamplona, Navarra, Rioja and Basque Country

TripNavarra Tours & Guided Visits is a Pamplona based company offering different tourist services to our visitors.

Not only during Running of the Bulls Festival in Pamplona, but for over the rest of the year, we offer tours and Guided visits in al the Northern Area of Spain.

We offer visit to Rioja wineries (from Pamplona, San Sebastián, Bilbao, Logroño…) and visit to other many spots.

Of course, we can also help you during Running of the bulls Festival. We will not run with you but we can provide you a balcony to enjoy this amazing event; and of course, we can give you a city tour to show you all the magic of this festival.

If you are looking for a guide in Pamplona, Navarra, Rioja or Basque Country… here we are. Send us an email letting us know what you look for, what you want to visit and when, and we will créate a customize tour for you, trying to give you our best and the best of Pamplona and surrounding área.


Local guide in Pamplona

Local guide in Rioja, Basque Country & Navarra

Local guide during Running of the Blls Festival – Pamplona

Guided visit to Pamplona

Have you ever heard about Pamplona? It is famous for The Way to St James, for its Running of the Bulls made famous by Ernest Hemingway… But it has far more to offer you.

Would you like to know one of the coziest cities of Spain? We want to make you fall in love with this lovely city.

The Running of the Bulls, the main squares and monuments, some of the most impresive buildings of the city… you will visit this and more in our guided tours in Pamplona.

A 2 hours walking tour, with a guide who will make his best to offer you a funny time while you learn about our local history.

Send us an email for more details!! info


Guided tour in Pamplona

¿Quieres conocer Pamplona?

Nuestras visitas guiadas a Pamplona, son en grupos pequeños y muy entretenidas. Reserva ya tu plaza para visitar Pamplona con nosotros, con TripNavarra Excursiones y Visitas Guiadas.


Do you want to visit Pamplona?

Our guided tours to visit Pamplona will offer you a global understanding of our city, learning about history, culture and traditions such as Running of the Bulls.