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Gastronomía Navarra – Gastronomy in Navarre

Interesante artículo en la prestigiosa revista Conde Nast Traveler. En este artículo en inglés, habla de los “6 grandes de Navarra”: Pimientos del Piquillo, cogollos de lechuga, borraja, cardo, pochas y alcachofas. Y además están los Espárragos, el Queso del Roncal,… y mucho más!!! Y para termina, qué mejor que un buen patxarán navarro.

Y es que Navarra está para comérsela!!!

Interesting article in the prestigious magazine “Conde Nast Traveler”, where they give us an appetizer about the tasty gastronomy of Navarre.  About its 6 Great foods: piquillo peppers, cogollos de lechuga (lettuce hearts), borraja (borage), cardo (cardoon, a relative of the artichoke), pochas (shell beans), and alcachofas (artichokes). And we would add Asparragus, or Roncal Cheese, or…. and of course, also the local liquor, Patxaran.

Are you ready to visit Pamplona and Navarra and enjoy its Gastronomy?

Gastronomía Navarra, día de la Cuajada

¿Te gusta algo tan rico y tan navarro como la cuajada?

El día 8 de Junio, en Arraiz, valle de la Ulzama, se celebra el día de la Cuajada con un montón de actividades.

10:30h. Inauguración del V Día de la Cuajada, con el encendido de una carbonera.
11:00h. Elaboración de kaikus.
11:30h. Exhibición de ordeño de ovejas.
12:00h. Elaboración de la tradicional cuajada de Ultzama.
12:30h. Explicación del proceso de producción y extracción de la miel.
13:00h. Exhibición de forja.
13:30h. Sorteo de lotes y entrega de premios a los niños ganadores del I Concurso de dibujo y relato del día de la cuajada.


Would you like to taste something so good and traditional from Navarra as Cuajada?

On June 8th, in Arraiz, Ulzama valley, it will be celebrated the Cuajada Day with a lot of activities showing traditional crafts.

Sept. 22nd, Cider day in Lekunberri

There will be a craft and food fair with a varied range. Also begin to uncork the bottles for tasting cider.
At noon there will be a demonstration of kirikoketa, a playful way to do the hard work of crushed apple.  Once broken the apple hitting by a club, will be passed to the press. Although cider juice must stay for 3 or 4 months for fermentation, tomorrow you can taste this apple juice.

On the other hand, in the morning can be seen over a dozen apple varieties Navarra and Gipuzkoa.

Cherry day in Milagro

Milagro is one of the biggest producers of Cherries in Spain. For this reason, the weekend of 15 and 16 June, Milagro will celebrate a festival dedicated to the cherry. Around 400.000 kgs of Cherries are collected annually and to remember and commemorate the long history and culture of this town, Milago has organized numerous sporting events, competitions, craft fairs and, of course, exquisite tastings of the red fruit.

Day of the “Cuajada”

On Sunday June 9, Alkotz will host the Day of the Cuajada, a traditional dessert from Ultzama Valley. Throughout the day, as it’s happened in previous years, there will be a show about how to prepare the traditional “cuajada” followed by a popular tasting and many activities throughout the day. There will be an exhibition of photographs and old object, games for children, music in the streets of the town and shows like wool mattress making, milking sheep and rural sports practice. In the inns and restaurants in the area you can sample desserts made with cuajada.

Cider Day in Leitza

On 7 and 8 June, held Cider Day in the town of Leitza.

During the first day (Friday 7 at 20.00) in the premises of Aurrera, there will be an exhibition and explanations about the history of cider in our environment by the rapporteur Jakoba Rekondo. With this proposal, the City Council seeks to link the event with gastronomic culture and tradition that follows cider.

On June 8, from 19.00 to 21.00 will continue the celebration with the popular seasonal cider tasting, starring about 20 production centers of Navarre and Guipúzcoa. From time are confirmed: Añotes, Astarbe, Arratzain, Calonge, Iparragirre, Izeta, Larre-gain, Lizeaga, Ohiharte, Oianume, Petritegi, Satotxa, Zabala, Zalbide, Barkaiztegi, Isastegi, Gartziategi, Egi-Luze, Toki Alai.

Also you can taste other delicacies from Navarre accompanied by music and party.

Gastronomy of Navarra, 2nd best in Spain

The gastronomy of Navarra has been voted as the second best in the country, according to a study by the Institute of Tourism Studies (IET) between international tourists visiting Spain.

The Spanish cuisine is currently the second favorite food of Europeans, ranking only behind the Italian, according to the annual survey conducted by Travel & Drink Travel website between users of the continent.