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Amaiur/Maya, last Resistence castle of Navarra

They resisted the attack from 15 to July 22, 1522, but surrendered after the raiders flew with explosives part of the enclosure. The same August 12th was ordered to destroy the fortress, following the instructions of Cardinal Cisneros, whose strategy of topping and destroy castles to prevent future transgressions are summarized in the phrase: “No Castles in Navarra no lift up head man.” In 1582, the viceroy authorized the sale of the stone from the demolition. The July 30, 1922 opened a monolith in the place where stood the castle, which was blown up with dynamite in 1931 and rebuilt in 1982.

Ujué and Charles II the Bad

This king was nicknamed the Bad in contrast to the French king John II the Good in the context of the Hundred Years War, in which Navarre was involved.

He had a very close relationship with Ujué.

In fact, began construction of the Gothic church of Santa María de Ujué and tried unsuccessfully to establish a university in that city. In his last will directed that his body rest in Pamplona, Roncesvalles and his entrails in his heart to Santa Maria de Ujué.

Upon the death of the January 2, 1387, was offered a hundred masses for his soul and the bells of the cathedral of Pamplona doubled to dead for fifteen days and fifteen nights.