1 de enero… 2 de febrero… 3 de marzo… y HOY, 4 DE ABRIL!!!

4º día de la escalera San Ferminera. ¡¡¡Ya falta menos!!!

Y con este vídeo, la carne de gallina!!! Ánimo pues!!!! Buena excusa para empezar la semana llenos de energía.

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Today is April 4th, so it is the 4th step of our little staircase towards the Running of the Bulls Festival starting day. So, just 3 months to enjoy one of the best parties of the world which is held here in Pamplona. Are you coming to Pamplona and to run with the bulls?

Check our different options during those days, and sure you can find something for you to make of these days a more unique experience!

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