Running of the Bulls – Pamplona – San Fermín 2016

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We are a Pamplona-based Tourism Company and we can help you to organize your visit to Pamplona during the Running of the Bulls.

Pamplona is a small city, but during these days is quite messy; so it is better to have everything already booked and organized, so that you can get an unforgettable experience during your Running of the Bulls Festival 2016 in Pamplona.

To enjoy the maximum of the Running of the Bulls Festival, we propose you some help.

Rioja and Navarra Wineries

One of our most demanded tours during Running of the bulls Festival. We offer it every morning, from Pamplona. Click this link for more information and to book tickets.

Visit a winery during Running of the bulls
Visit to Navarra and Rioja Wineries during Running of the bulls

Everyday, in the morning, an option to enjoy the festival tasting the best wine of Rioja and Navarra; and more options…. Check the options, and book it before tickets ran out! Click this link .

Running of the Bulls – Balconies

Running of the bulls
Running of the bulls

We offer you some balconies to enjoy the Running of the Bulls, in important locations like Santo Domingo or Estafeta Street with amazing views of the street, where some locals will explain you the tricks of the Running. Contact us for further information.


Pamplona City Tours

You can take part in our City Tours. We will show you not just churches and city walls, but also the streets of the Running of the Bulls, personal advices if you want to do the running, best bars if you just want to eat/drink… our city tours are a must!!! Contact us for further information.


Half day Tours to Navarre

And of course, if you think that it’s a good idea to run away from the best festival of the world, and visit some natural or historical sites in our region (Navarre), we can offer you many different half day tours (check them clicking here), visit to wineries….


Pamplona’s Bullfight Tickets

Pamplona's Bullring
Pamplona’s Bullring during the Running of the bulls Festival

We offer you entrance tickets for the BullFighting. Pamplona’s bullring is the third biggest bullring of the world… Are you sure you don’t want to enjoy this unique chance? However, if you have listened about differences between the sun and shade… do not worry, we have Pamplona’s bullfighting tickets in the shade, to enjoy it.


Do you really want to enjoy the Running of the Bulls Festival in Pamplona?

Write us an email right now (click here) letting us know what you want to do as soon as you think about it, and we will help you to organize your days in the best way. But be fast, because in less that 6 monts the best party of the world will start!!!!

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