In Navarra, as in other places of the world, December 24 night children await Santa Claus. But here, we have another «person» to visit us this night, he is called «Olentzero».

This is a very old tradition, since before Christianism arrived to here, and although this tradition has suffered some evolution. It was a celebration for Winter Solstice, and with it the reborn of Nature and Sun. In fact, after Olentzero’s Parade, he used to be burnt as a representation of leave behind the past and be ready for the future. But with Christianism’s arrival, it was adapted as a messenger of Jesus birth.

Olentzero is a person who lives in the forests, doing vegetable charcoal in his lonely life in the mountains. He loves eating and drinking, and usually smokes a pipe, as we understand by his song (at the bottom).

Each Christmas, he descends into the village,  bringing presents for the good guys and charcoal for those with no such good behaviour.


Merry Christmas!!!!



Olentzero song

Olentzero joan zaigu
mendira lanera
ikatz egitera.
Aditu duenean
Jesus jaio dela
lasterka etorri da
berri ona ematera.


Horra! Horra!
Gure Olentzero!
Pipa hortzetan duela
eserita dago
kapoiak ere baditu
bihar meriendatzeko
botila ardoakin.
Olentzero buruhandia
entendimentuz jantzia
bart arratsian edan omen du
bost arruako sagia
ai urde tripahaundia

la,lara,lara ai urde tripahaundia



Olentzero’s gone to mountain for working,
with the intention of making charkcoal,
and as he heard Jesus is born
he get back running for telling the new.
Look at him!
There’s our Olentzero,
sitting with his smoking pipe;
he also has fowl and eggs for tea
with a bottle of wine tomorrow.


Olentzero is a big headed,
but he has understanding,
last night he drank a ten pounds wineskin.
Oh, you dirty fat belly man,
Oh, you dirty fat belly man,


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