Mexican party at Old City Market

Santo Domingo Market (Old city market) held this Saturday from 12.00 to 14.00 a Mexican party that includes typical products tasting accompanied by music of Chuchín Ibáñez and Charros, who will perform popular tunes of Mexico.

Throughout the morning, you can taste beer and nachos with typical sauce for the symbolic price of 1 euro.

On the morning of Saturday, a double-decker sightseeing bus through the streets of Pamplona and take pedestrians who wish to market the same Santo Domingo.

Orchides and Navarra

Did you know that in Spain there are 80 species of orchids? In Navarra, more than 60 species grow wild.

On Wednesday, Ricardo Ibanez, professor, Department of Environmental Biology, University of Navarra, and researcher in the field of botany, will give a conference entitled “Orchids of Pamplona”.

The talk, free, is at 19 pm in the Sustainability Hall at Environmentan Museum.

Ujué and Charles II the Bad

This king was nicknamed the Bad in contrast to the French king John II the Good in the context of the Hundred Years War, in which Navarre was involved.

He had a very close relationship with Ujué.

In fact, began construction of the Gothic church of Santa María de Ujué and tried unsuccessfully to establish a university in that city. In his last will directed that his body rest in Pamplona, Roncesvalles and his entrails in his heart to Santa Maria de Ujué.

Upon the death of the January 2, 1387, was offered a hundred masses for his soul and the bells of the cathedral of Pamplona doubled to dead for fifteen days and fifteen nights.

Guided visits to Ciudadela

There will be guided visits to Ciudadela in Pamplona, every saturday till August 31st. Ciudadela is the oldest fortress in use at the moment. Actually, it is considered a gem of the militar architecture of 16th century, with a lot of copies in Europe and abroad.

Groups of 40 people maximum, and it costs 3 euro per persone. To book it, via mail ( or by phone (948211554). Also is posible at the Tourist Information Center.

San Fermin 2013

A jury has selected eight posters from the 451 presented, and now the locals will select one from those to be the official poster for San Fermin Festival 2013.

The eight works will be shown at the in the Palace of the Constable, from Wednesday, so that persons enumerated in Pamplona will be able to choose between them to represent the sanfermines 2013.


The wonderful and unique Eunate Chapel, with its stories of Masons, energy lines, and more…

Legend has it that it was built by the Devil in three days, and then copied (but symmetrically) by an architect with Witches aid in another 3 days. Upon hearing this the Devil, with his anger, beaten and sent to a nearby village…  And you can find it in Olcoz, “same-same but different”.

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