The number of foreigners staying in cottages of Navarra has increased by 60% last year, reaching 13,310, a total of 102,392 tourists in this type of establishment. Note that this rural subsector hosts 9.4% of all travelers staying in Navarra.

Currently, there are 750 houses in Navarre, which have 5350 seats (547 in the north, 56 in Pamplona and Shire; 77, Estella, 44, in the middle, and 32, in the West Bank). By type, 146 rooms and 604 are rental housing complete. In terms of quality (leaves), are of a sheet 213, 501, two sheets, and 36 of three sheets. Note that in ten years (since 2003), the number of houses has increased by 4.5% and by 45.7% seats (in 2003, 519 houses and 3,060 seats).

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