Cyclists will go Javier, with helmet and less than 45 km / h

Before the celebration, on Saturday March 16, the second Javierada, the Government of Navarra reminds cyclists must wear a regulation helmet and can not in any case exceed 45 kilometers per hour.

They should also indicate their maneuvers, observe road signs and follow traffic rules, such as preventing mobile phone use while driving or riding in prohibiting alcohol effects.

The Government of Navarra also recommended that riders not using headphones while driving and to review the status of their bikes before starting off, paying particular attention to the tires and brakes.


A pilgrims perform the walk Javierada, the Government of Navarra encouraged to be furnished with reflective elements and flashlights since the pilgrimage began at dawn.

As is known, the second Javierada draws more people than the first and has a predominant influx of residents of the District of Pamplona. To these people the Government of Navarra advised that, for their own safety, Noáin start the tour.

However, if you want to start the way from their homes, are advised to avoid the Zaragoza Avenue of the capital and the road PA-31 (Hits South-Airport Pamplona) and use Tajonar road (NA-2310) from the center of National University of Distance Education (UNED) and out into the service road of the Pyrenees Highway (A-21) in Noáin.

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