As last year, Comunity of Bardenas Reales has decided to forbid to visitors going out from main path when visiting Bardenas Reales Natural Park. This prohibition will last til end of August. So, it is possible to visit this beautiful area? Yes, but only along the main path: no trekking, no cycling out of it.


As they inform in their main website, with this decision, they want to avoid that visitors disturb birds while nesting, what happens in February and March, but they prefer to extend this prohibition to preserve the Natural Environment, what in fact, it is neccesary.


But is it logical to forbid people to walk around because they disturb birds while in the center of the Bardenas Reales, Air Force is practicing with REAL bombs? (not to say, that as the last year, this practices have been done at the same time that pilgrims from South of Navarra cross Bardenas Reales on their way to Javier Castle).


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