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TripNavarra Excursiones y V isitas Guiadas te ofrece conocer Navarra de mano de sus guías, con visitas y tours en Pamplona y Navarra, organizándote un día completo para conocer hermosos rincones en una excursión por Navarra. No dudes en contactarnos para recibir más información sobre qué visitar o qué hacer en Navarra. TripNavarra offers you the option of doing a tour or a guided visit in Navarra without worrying about anything. We offer you a full service tour, where we organize your transportation, your meals, your entrance tickets and of course, everything with a local guide. If you will to do any of our tours, or just visit something in particular in Navarra, do not hesitate to contact us.


The wonderful and unique Eunate Chapel, with its stories of Masons, energy lines, and more…

Legend has it that it was built by the Devil in three days, and then copied (but symmetrically) by an architect with Witches aid in another 3 days. Upon hearing this the Devil, with his anger, beaten and sent to a nearby village…  And you can find it in Olcoz, “same-same but different”.

Guided tours of the walls of Pamplona

“Medieval Pamplona” is one of the proposals of the City that starts today at 19.30 hours with a tour of the boroughs.

A little later, at 20.00 hours, begins the visit “Pamplona in the light of the moon, ‘” that part of the Fort of San Bartolomé and runs Barbazana Round, the Portal of France, the Royal Palace and environment City Hall, ending at the Church of San Saturnino and the Plaza del Castillo.