CRISTOBAL COLON …. Was he from Navarra????

The Prince of Viana, was also Duke of Gandia and titular king of Navarre (Charles IV, 1441-1461), son of John II of Aragon and Blanche I of Navarre. His grandfather, Charles III, created for him the title of Prince of Viana in 1423.

Prince Carlos of Viana married Agnes of Cleves, who died in 1448 without descendants, although Charles himself had some with different lovers. Among these, according to historian Gabriel Verd Martorell, had a son in Mallorca with Margarita Colom, who is none other than Christopher Columbus. His claim on the fact that Columbus being Genovese almost never write in Italian, in his third trip to Margarita Island baptized with the name of his mother and finally, he was of high lineage, but irreconcilable with Ferdinand , reason for the concealment of their origin.

In addition, preserved in the Archives of Aragon Charles sent the letter in 1459 thanking Mallorca Governor of the treatment of such a Margarita.
DNA analysis of the remains of Christopher Columbus have no conclusive evidence of its origin, and although it’s been proposed to compare them with those of the Prince of Viana that rest in the Monastery of Poblet, there is a problem, because after the confiscation of Mendizabal, the remains of the pantheons were mixed and specifically those at the supposed pantheon of the Prince of Viana were from a woman, so to know who the others are.

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