1 de enero, 2 de febrero, 3 de marzo, 4 de abril….. Y HOY 5 DE MAYO!!!!!

Ya falta menos para los San Fermines de Pamplona. Y para ir abriendo apetito, disfruta con este vídeo. ¿Se te pone la carne de gallina?
A nosotros sí, y mucho!!!!



San Fermín 2016 Pamplona

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Running of the Bulls Festival is almost here, and in Pamplona we are getting ready. If you are coming to visit Pamplona during those dates, or if you are willing run with the bulls, or attend the Bullfighting,… or if you want a balcony to enjoy the Running of the Bulls, contact us and we will help you to organize your festival arranging all the tickets you need.

At the same time, if you think a day out from Pamplona would be goo, we have a huge variety of tours waiting for you, such as visit to Rioja Wineries. Would you like to combine your stay in Pamplona during Running of the Bulls festival with a Rioja Wine tasting and visit?

Contact us at info@tripnavarra.com

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