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Catedral de Pamplona

La Catedral de Pamplona es sencillamente, espectacular.
¿La conoces?
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Pamplona desde Catedral. TripNavarra

Vistas desde Campana María, Catedral de Pamplona

Pamplona, desde la Torre de la Catedral.
Pamplona, desde la Torre de la Campana María en la Catedral. Imprescindible subir hasta arriba para disfrutar de las vistas junto a la Segunda Campana más grande de España, la Primera en Uso con sus 12 toneladas.
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Catedral de Pamplona

Catedral de Pamplona, Navarra

¿Conoces la Catedral de Pamplona?

Nuestras visitas guiadas a Pamplona, acaban frente a la Catedral, dándote la oportunidad de visitar a continuación su interior, que es sencillamente espectacular.

Este vídeo promocional creado por el Departamento de Turismo de Navarra, te va a ayudar a hacerte una
idea del tamaño de uno de los mayores conjuntos catedralicios de España.

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Catedral de Pamplona, merece la pena la visita

Muchos de nuestros visitantes, se sorprenden al ver la fachada “neoclásica” del S. XVIII, que contrasta con el interior gótico y sobre todo con el Claustro, considerado uno de los mejores claustros góticos europeos.

La catedral de Pamplona, está considerada un conjunto arquitectónico eclesiástico único, por tratarse del complejo catedralicio más completo que se conserva en España.

Te invitamos a ver este corto vídeo aéreo de la catedral, sobre todo la parte final del mismo en el que se disfruta de su situación privilegiada en Pamplona.

If you come to visit Pamplona or Navarra, you should plan to visit also the Cathedral of Pamplona.  It might be that seeing its façade you don’t feel to attract to do it. But believe us, you will be able to enjoy one of the best gothic cloisters of Europe.  

Come to visit Navarra and Pamplona with our city tours and guided visits, and so, you will really enjoy this lovely region.


Biggest Bell in use in Spain, Mary Bell in Pamplona

It measures 2.50 m. 2.25 diameter by height in the vessel. It has a weight of 10060 kg (according to other data can weigh between 11,606 and 13,000 kg). It is located on the north side tower of the Cathedral Pamplona. It is used in the most solemn celebrations in touch dead, singular thing, since that stupendous bells are assigned to touch size schedule. Is the best known, the most corpulent and loudest of all the bells of the cathedral. Recently been restored all the bells of the cathedral, although this, by its enormous size has not been able to lose its original location. When they built the tower, Mary Bell was already risen to its proper place, so it is not possible to take the bell down without removing the tower itself that hosts it. There is a popular saying in our city that refers to the famous Bell Mary. Apparently its grave sound reaches many miles away (about 14 km), so that they say that the “Pamplona Basin” extends as far as the sound of Mary Bellis heard. Compared to the rest of bells Spain, ranked second in weight and size, surpassed only by a bell of Toledo (17,000 kg.). However, is the largest bell in using Spain as the Toledo hood is cracked. The date of his cast was on September 15, 1584 by Pedro de Villanueva.