San Fermin 2013

The poster entitled “Canan”, by Pamplona architect Elixabete Bordonaba, will be the poster for San Fermin 2013. The winning piece represents the plane of Pamplona in black over red, with some white lines, where the river Arga simulates the bull’s horns, and some of the streets, the head of the bull.

It is the first woman to win the popular vote of the International Competition of San Fermin posters, held for six years. His work has received 36% of the total of 4,964 votes cast by citizens registered in Pamplona, you could choose your favorite from March 10 until Monday April 29. The author of the work will win 3,600 euros which was reduced by the City Council two years ago, when it was 4,200 euros.


The winning poster, which has been exposed in the courtyard of the Palace of the Constable during the voting period along with the other seven finalists, will be visible from the June 8 Count Rodezno the room. From that day until July 14, the eight posters and 92 selected by the jury will be on show every year presents the best works submitted to the contest.

pincho chelsy

15th Pincho Week of Navarre

From April 29 to May 5, 2013; it’s celebrated in Navarra, the fifteenth “Pincho” (tapa)  week, for which 88 establishments have registered very special and attractive offers. Everyone will try to be designated as the winner of this contest, thus following the Bar Chelsy, who won last year with his skewer “Chelsy Energy Bar” (pincho of the image).

The Organization has set the price at 2.40 euros a “pincho” and tasting of two to 4.30 euros (the price is kept tasting two “pinchos” as in previous years).

You can find more information about bars, times and served on pinchos at

Bon appetit!

almadia burgui

Almadía day in Burgui

This Saturday 27 takes place Almadía Day in Burgui.

The main event will be the arrival of the rafts to Burgui, planned to 12.30 on Saturday. But there is much more: a traditional market, traditional children’s games workshop, a Roncal Cheese Denomination of Origin Fair,  an scenification of the profession of washerwomen,… Another important meeting of the day, it will be a popular meal at 15 o’clock on the fronton. All enlivened with music played by Jarauta 69 (among others)…

visitar bodegas navarra y rioja con tripnavarra

Thirteen wineries of the IO Navarre, in an international fair in Brazil

Thirteen wineries of Navarre Designation of Origin will participate in the international exhibition of wine to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 24 to 26 April.

The Navarra wineries participating this time are Castillo de Monjardin, Sarría, Piedemonte, Príncipe de Viana, Inurrieta, Pago de Larrrainzar, Aroa, Campos de Enanzo, Otazu, Abadía de la Oliva, Juan Simón /La Calandria, Viña Aliaga and Bodegas Orvalaiz El Salón.

puente miluze

Miluze bridge

The photo is Miluze bridge in Pamplona. (National Monument).

But do you know where it comes from that name??

The story goes that Charles II the Bad, at the beginning of his reign he sent to hang the ringleaders of organized farmers, that joint in defense of their rights and freedoms. And the tongues of these hung, dangling over the river, allowed popular fantasy to call Miluze to the old bridge, named after mihi (in Basque language means tongue) and luze (long) bridge long tongues, Miluze …

mercado santo domingo

Mexican party at Old City Market

Santo Domingo Market (Old city market) held this Saturday from 12.00 to 14.00 a Mexican party that includes typical products tasting accompanied by music of Chuchín Ibáñez and Charros, who will perform popular tunes of Mexico.

Throughout the morning, you can taste beer and nachos with typical sauce for the symbolic price of 1 euro.

On the morning of Saturday, a double-decker sightseeing bus through the streets of Pamplona and take pedestrians who wish to market the same Santo Domingo.

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